Florida – The State To Be Seen In

Florida – a state that should be explored once in life – is one of the most-visited destinations all around the US. However, a dozen images come to mind when it comes to Florida, because Florida is the world’s dreamiest state as it has Orlando’s most-famous park, the Disney World and Universal Theme Park, Miami which is renowned as Latin-American traditional influences and attractive art scene, killer nightlife, and south beach, Tampa’s Busch Garden, Jacksonville’s St. John’s River, Key West’s Duval Street, and many more world-class attractions. The state is cuddled up in the Gulf of Mexico and has tons of the world’s famous beaches where the sun shines with all of its grace and hence popular as the “Sunshine State.”

Sun lovers and water adorers have tons of shorelines to choose from, and fashion enthusiasts will get fancy stores and distinctive boutiques in abundance in every part of the state. If your getaway is based around a seaside vacation or particular activity, you'll get it all in this paradisal land. Beyond amusement and recreation, this state has a rich heritage of culture and attractive history. It is also land featuring many unique and elite natural landmarks such as Everglades National Park and notches of barrier islands with a valuable marine ecosystem.

This state has more than 8,000 miles of coastlines and is a prime getaway territory. But with endless can’t-miss destinations of the states, it could be hard to select which urban is right for your upcoming getaway; so, we have gathered some best urban that will show you the maximum beauty of the Sunshine state. So, stay connected with us!

10 Places to Visit in Florida

Our Florida travel guide can assist you in planning the perfect holiday.

Florida's Not-To-Be-Missed Attractions

  • Boating and animal viewing in the Everglades

  • Seeing the stars at the Kennedy Space Center

  • Walt Disney World

  • Exploring the historic city of St. Augustine

  • Visiting the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine

  • The Breakers in Palm Beach

When is the Best Time to Visit Florida

November to April is the peak season, with the greatest influx occurring during "snowbird season" in January and February.

Summer, on the other hand, is a popular time to visit Florida due to the theme park attractions.

During spring break and then again in the summer, many southerners come to the coastal areas of the Panhandle and Keys to escape the humidity.

September and October, as well as April and May, are the best months to vacation or travel in Florida.

The weather is more pleasant, and visitor traffic is minimal.