Jacksonville, FL

Locally famous as Jax, Jacksonville is located at the land where the Southern and Northern wings of Florida meet. Southern sites, neighborhoods, and cuisine are practiced with dignity. Yet while Jacksonville is rich in historical and cultural heritage and is well-endowed with a variety of modern sights and things to enjoy. Despite Jacksonville's Downtown high-rises and large offices buildings, the local traditional still too much believe in little-town worth. Perhaps somewhere else in the state are the juxtaposes so stark and very interesting.

Jacksonville is the river city of Florida where life revolves around St. Johns River stretches towards the town and the ocean to the east. This city also presents abundant surprises. Like some tourists know that this city was the original Hollywood. In the 1900s century, Jacksonville was considered the motion-picture capital of the globe, blooming films and production nestled before anyone of Los Angeles ever had heated of that other than Hollywood.

This city has an abundance of Can't-miss attractions like Cummer Museum of Art and Garden, which is a mixture of historical heritage and natural beauty as it has 3,000 years old 5,000 plus art pieces, the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the place to educate the travelers about the dangers of bigs cats, Kingsley Plantation which is the excellent place to see the Southern grand mansion, and more. The Florida Theater is one of the other attractions which captivates the heart of the travelers as it shows the cultural heritage of the city.

Also, this city has an abundance of natural beauty like Fort George Island Cultural State Park as it is the land of lush natural beauty, exceptional recreational opportunities, stunning wildlife, and not to mention a laid-back silence and beauty.