Cape Coral, FL

Cape Carol – well-known as the “Waterfront Wonderland,” nestled on the Gulf of Mexico near Fort Myers. This city is the land of heart-catching nature preserves, picturesque canals, shorelines, dining options, sightseeing golf courses, and amazing water games. Unwind at the Yacht Club, enjoy shopping at the farmers market, explore the Southwest Florida Military Museum, discover the Rotary Park Environmental Center, and enjoy at Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden.

There are plenty of amazing activities to do like Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery – a fantastic destination for rum lovers and visitors, and it offers an engaging and variety of tours, Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve – which is the 365 acres of land comprised of marshlands and river and is the second-largest natural preserver, The Boathouse – which is the tiki bar and themed eatery, Sun Splash Family Waterpark, and more.

Are you an art lover? You should head to explore Harbour View Gallery, which is the epicenter of attractive art, and us the merely artist's-owned co-op in Cape Carol. The city is also famous for its beautiful 400 miles of canals, as is the land, which has a variety of miles of canals than anywhere else.

This city truly has the way for an epic and amusement Florida getaway. With fun-filled parks, wildlife, and Gulf Coast Shorelines, Cape Carol overflows with tons of fun for travelers of all ages. Wander around the arcades, and taste its mouth-watering dishes and snacks. You can peruse shops selling fresh goodies, meats, hand-made souvenirs, cheeses, and local produce. The trip to Cape Carol isn't complete without exploring Cape Carol Historical Museum, which has incredible artifacts and antique pictures; this museum gives a deep insight into the state's history.